About Ozavogu

Hi there,
I am Ozavogu Abdulsalam Khalid, an Independent Travel Documentary Photographer, and Filmmaker based in Abuja, Nigeria. Photography and Filmmaking for me is a medium of expression and even more, it helps me in experiencing my world. Photography and Filmmaking can inform, educate, and shape narratives and as such, it is always about storytelling and truthtelling  — to better help us see and understand situations.
With no prior education in Photography or Filmmaking, I started to nurture my love for documenting in 2015 documenting every day realities around me with my Mobile Phone as the only tool available to me at the time. I quickly found my voice and style through everyday practice and it has been an artistic journey of expression ever since.
My experiences exploring Nigeria have been and will continue to be a big influence on my photography, and this also balances well with my passion for cultures which is drawn from the fact that Nigeria is culturally blessed with beautiful and unique traditions. This passion is what I share with the world through photography and Filmmaking.
In the midst of my travels, you will also find me documenting social challenges in small and marginalized communities in an attempt to promote awareness and drive change.
‘Don’t count the shots, make the shots count’.
The Twenty Seven: People, Travel, and Lifestyle. Abuja Nigeria, 2017. 
APPEARANCES: Talks/Teachings
TEDxGanaja: Kogi Nigeria, 2018
-Social Media Week Lagos, 2018
-Abuja Int’l Photo Festival, 2018
-International Youth Empowerment Summit Kogi, 2018
-The Green Room, Abeokuta Nigeria 2018
-Social Media Week Lagos, 2019
-Abuja Int’l Photo Festival, 2019